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Hooded Merganser .


2/22/19 Friday 7:30 AM


This is the first time I have seen the Hooded Mergansers on land! They were on my Woodbine Mile walk. They come every year in December and head north for cooler weather in March. They love the horse-farm large pond. When the temp rises to 70, they fly north for cooler temperatures.


Di had a luncheon to attend yesterday. Today we will head to the Performing Arts Center to see the latest local artist posts.


We have a cloudy AM. The PM is still wide and deep. Not a chance for a sunrise for the clouds are dark gray.


Will and Jane, I read about the weather in Seattle. Mercer Island is few miles from Seattle. Good grief, you were snowed in for a week! We would never have made it without a visit to the grocery store in seven days!





2/21/19 Thursday 8:30 AM


Yee gads, I slept to 7:30 AM!!


Forget the moon shot, it is day light. The PM is wide and deep. The pool is above the "drain me" point. In the past 48 hours, 4 inches of rain has fallen.


We have seen all he AA award movies. We will go to the Performing Arts Center to see the latest display.


I am heading to pick up Mr. Packet now. Have a great day!





2/20/19 Wednesday 6:30 AM


The day sped past. Rain, wind, temp 53 made for an inside day. I am sure glad I did NOT join my fellow camera club friends for a trip to Charleston.


Mr. packet just arrived. The drive is wet. It is to dark to see the size of the PM. I imagine it is wide and deep.


Will, did Seattle/Mercer Is. get a blast of snow?


Mr. Canon awaits for a sunrise. It is on the table near the back door. I WILL catch the next cloudless sunrise.





2/19/19 Tuesday 7:00 AM


I looked out the back window. Mr. Moon was shining brightly. By the time I fetched Mr. Canon, clouds had covered the moon! I hope the clouds and moon get coordinated. In a couple months, the moon will be over our front porch. You sleepy heads miss moon rises.


The surgeon looked at my wounds. It will be another 10 days before bandages can be removed.


I visited my insurance agent. I prepaid the 5 polices renewing in March. I paid them through American Express. We will get $9,000 of frequent flyer miles. Wind insurance was the largest bill!


I cancelled today's photo field trip to Charleston. Temp in the low 50's, showers likely and a five hour drive are not worth the effort to take photos. Di said she would go anytime. We will wait for a sunny day!





2/18/19 Monday 7:00 AM


Our weather forecast predicts rain for the next couple days. I had hoped to attend the camera club outing on Tuesday. I will skip the 2 hour drive going and coming for a better weather day.


Dr. Surgeon will check up on my leg/scalp surgeries. I think I will get an A-OKAY.


This afternoon I will attend a seminar at the computer club.


The PM is gone! It is time to retrieve Mr. Packet!





2/17/19 Sunday 8:30 AM


Di suggested we see a movie. At 12:15 PM we were seated and ready. The movie began. Whoa, this is NOT the one I had thought we were going to attend! She purchased "Isn't It Romantic". I rate it a couple YUK YUKs! It was a waste of time. Perhaps Stan and Ollie would have been funnier.


This afternoon will be cloudy, Rain is likely in the late PM.


Finally our AC/Heat system has been repaired. The unit over the twin BR and QBR needed a new part. When one of the three units goes down, the other two struggle.


Will and Jane, the BR will be fine. See you soon in Palm Springs!





2/16/19 Saturday 6:30 AM


I stopped at the computer club for a lesson on Word. I have the Auto Renew program that cost $80 a year. The software is updated during the year. Somehow the latest update caused a "P" symbol at the beginning and ending of every sentence. I learned in the menu bar there is a "P". One click and it exposes the cause. Several clicks later, NO MORE "P"!


I don't know what I would do if HHICC did not exist. They always have answers - cost of $25 per year!


Our temp will climb close to 70. Savannah will be in the 70s. Mr. Atlantic Ocean keeps our island a few degrees cooler.


We may head to the theater in the early PM. Di want to see "Stan & Ollie". Do you have a recommendation?





2/15/19 Friday 7:00 AM


Temp may rise to 70 today. I will take a walk on the beach. I need some fresh air.


Mr. Packet just arrived. I will read the latest news, attempt the crossword and finish posting pics of Fort Jackson.





2/14/19 Valentines Day 7:00 AM


The weather was windy and cold yesterday. We visited Fort Jackson. It is located at the entrance from the Atlantic Ocean into Savannah, SC. From the top of the Fort, I could see SAV 20 miles to the N/W. It was built in 1812 to be the first protection from invaders. I will post pics this AM. I captured 50 images. I will pick 10 that represent the visit.





2/13/19 Wednesday 7:30 AM


I am off to a photo shoot in Savannah, GA .