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Big Blue



10/18/18 Thursday 6:00 AM.


My right eye looks like it was jabbed with a sharp object. I have a red area on the left side of the pupil. I will visit Dr. Eyes at 3 PM this afternoon. Dr. Eyes will check the blood spot and prescribe an eye drop to correct the situation. Plus, he will prescribe new glasses.


The construction crew finished the issues. I will meet with the owner and pay his bill this AM.


We are taking a five-day vacation to watch the Mount Union Raiders play a home game. We will leave here Friday, drive to N. Canton. We will attend the Raiders game on Saturday. Paul will be coaching. On Sunday we will have a family gathering. Monday, back to HHI we will go!


Jim Gaunt joined us for dinner last night. Kate will drive down on Sunday.


The construction crew completed the various projects. Mr. Landscape will visit this AM. Di is in charge of that project.


The next post will be on Tuesday. We are on vacation!


Much Later....




Big Blue




Big Blue in flight!




Big Blue in flight!



10/17/18 Wednesday 7:00 AM.


Mr. Sun shined all Monday. Today the painting will begin. Mr. Rainman better stay away.


I attended a session on android phones. Di thinks it was a waste of time for all she wants to know is how to chat and send/answer voice messages. I want to know a lot more than that. The first Tuesday in every month, HHICC offers a session exploring the many features of the android phone. I learned a lot yesterday and have more questions than answers!


I will make an appointment with Dr. Glasses today. My sight is 20/15 in both eyes.


Jim Gaunt will join us for dinner this evening. Kate will return to HHI this weekend. I will bake a loaf of Daley Bread to accompany our large salad this evening. Of course, I will bake a second loaf for Jim to take home. Di has an assortment of cookies packed for Jim.






10/16/18 Tuesday 7:00 AM.


I will meet with Mr. Contractor this AM to review a punch list of unfinished tasks. I hope they will be finished by the weekend.


I painted the outside single garage door. It looks brand new!


Dr. Eyes confirmed my sight is now 20/15! I can see an ant crawling on a wall from 10 feet. I cannot read fine print without glasses. As I said yesterday Dr. Glasses will help fix that issue.


Jim Gaunt should be on HHI. We will try to catch up with him this AM.


I upgraded my iPhone by switching to android. I have not finalized the connection. An appointment with a technician should fix that at 3 PM.





10/15/18 Monday 6:30 AM.


I quit playing on the 7th hole. Just felt exhausted. When I got home I took a nap and felt far better in the afternoon. I will visit Dr. GP this AM. I believe I know the drug that is causing the issue. I feel terrific this AM!


The workers left four cans of paint. I painted one coat on the garage door. It will take another for sure!


I will visit Dr. Eyes for my final checkup from cataract surgery this AM. I continue to see fabulous. It is time to get glasses. I want the top be pure glass, the lower needs a slight 1.5 correction for reading. I know I am unusual, I would rather wear glasses all the time. They will be pure glass on the top and a lower 1.5 correction. Di has reading glasses in her car, bedside, chairside, counter, etc.! I will also have them automatically darken when I am in bright sunlight. Yep, one set of glasses will do it for me!


I baked pizza for dinner last night. Di is happy for she has a good supply in the frig. She loves pizza for lunch!


Ken, I hope the electricity has been returned in Jacksonville! I hate to think all the Budweiser will be warm!





10/14/18 Sunday 6:30 AM.


We watched NCAA football games from noon to night! OSU won but struggled. Three of their best players were benched with injuries.


Our temp is a cool 69 rising to 83. I tee off at 9 AM and will meet Di for lunch at SPCC at noon.


After lunch I will visit a friend recuperating at Tide Point.


We will be home to watch the Browns play the Chargers at 1 PM. There is a chance they will win again!


Di and I took a walk yesterday. We saw nothing exciting to photograph. Mr. Blue was on a faraway bank. Besides, I have taken too many shots of him!





10/13/18 Saturday 6:00 AM.


I posted the pics yesterday afternoon. Big Blue let me get very close before flying away.


Our temp is cooling 87/67 today. In one week it will plummet to 71/64 . Mr. Fall will be very short. Mr. Winter is on his way!


We are heading to Canton, OH. It will be a fast trip. We will watch Mount Union play football Saturday. Paul will be coaching. It has been many years since we watched Mount Union play. They are undefeated!


Di is serving waffles this AM. After breakfast, we will head to the library for their annual book sale. We will be there by 10 AM. Trust me, Di will buy at least six books!


Minnesota vs OSU at noon today. We will be home watching the game. GO BUCKS!





10/12/18 Friday 6:30 AM.


We had a beautiful Thursday. Mr. Sun smiled the entire day. It took two hours to blow off the leaves, replace items stored under the steps, clean the pool and replace the three umbrellas. A small PITA compared to the folks that Michael hit with his fury. We are very lucky!


We will leave HHI on Friday for Canton, OH. Mount Union has a home FB game. I have never seen them play. Paul and Jared played FB there. Paul has coached FB for many years. This will be a fast trip, leave on next Friday and return Monday.





10/10/18 Thursday 6:00 AM.


I heard a loud thump at 2 AM. It is dark now and wind is blowing. Perhaps Micheal has passed HHI!


Mr. Packet is in the drive. That means the streets are passable. I think HHI got lucky once again. No tree limbs in the drive. Wind is moderate now.





10/10/18 Wednesday 7:00 AM.


Mr. Rainman has visited often. The rain accumulation is small. We are prepared for 40+ MPH winds. All our pool chairs, tables, etc., are stored under the steps to the pool. I drained a couple inches off the pool. Praying the rain accumulation is less than 2 inches!


I visited a friend at Tide Point. He will be in their care for 20 days. Phenomena is a tough challenge for a fellow 90 yrs. old. He is the right place for a cure!


On my Woodbine walk I failed to see anything exciting. Skies were overcast. It was good exercise but poor light for photography.





10/09/18 Tuesday 7:15 AM.


Rain is falling as predicted. Forecast is for an aggregate of four inches. I hope it does not fall in a short period or the water will enter the garage!


One of my friends from the computer club was admitted into Tide Point. He is 89 years old. I will stop in to see him at 9 AM this morning.


Mr. Canon and I were planning to go on a shoot with friends from the camera club. That is not going to happen! I might be home alone!





10/08/18 Monday 6:30 AM.


Our dry weather is out of here! When I fetch Mr. Packet, I will likely sea a huge PM!


We decided we had seen enough football at 3:30 PM. We headed to the theater to see - A Star Is Born. We enjoyed the movie A+. Bet we see this move up for many awards. Go see it ASAP!


I hope I can post a picture that won 2017 Best Photo.





10/07/18 Sunday 6:30 AM.


We both love football season! OSU played below my expectations. The score does not tell the story OSU 49, Indiana 26 appears to be a blow out. The last 10 minutes OSU pulled away with a couple TDs. Chuck Bassos, what happened? MSU 19, Northwestern 29! Ouch!


I have a tee time with Jack and Tom at 9 AM. Di will pick the movie for this afternoon. We will tape a few FB games for the late afternoon.


I will take a swim at 4:00 PM. It may be my last chance for 2018. Our forecast is for rain next week.






Liam wears jersey #10!


10/06/18 Saturday 7:00 AM.


All the construction projects have been completed. Next will be painting the new wood. The first coat is on, second will be added on Monday and the issues should be finished!


Mr. Landscape has the design. A car ran into his trailer/truck. It will be another week before he begins adding the new plants in front!


Liam played football last night. I watched the first half, but my back was not happy while I was sitting on the aluminum bleachers. His team was ahead by a touch down at half time.





10/05/18 Friday 6:30 AM.


The workmen arrived at 9:00 AM. Pounding came in bursts. An occasional ripping saw was deafening. They have made a great stride. They may finish in a few more days.


I plan on going to the practice range this afternoon. Pounding golf balls may just be the activity I need!


I took eight loaves of Daley bread to the husbands of Mahjong players. Since I had an extra I gave it to our waitress. That was well worth a hug from Alice!





10/04/18 Thursday 6:40 AM.


I met Di in the parking lot at the hardware store. She had been to the adjacent beauty salon. Then we headed to BBB to exchange an item. Our intention was to stop on the way home, Di would drive her car home. That would have saved time. We forgot to stop and pick up her car when we returned! Back we went! AAARRRRGGGGGGG!


Today Mr. Contractor will address issues. The list is lengthy. We will see workers for a couple weeks.


On the way home, we stopped at the Performing Arts to see art posted for the month of October. I bought Di a neat bracelet. She was smiling as we headed home!





10/03/18 Wednesday 6:15 AM.


Di met with Mr. Landscape. He will begin installing the bushes, etc. in two weeks. We are excited to see a new landscape.


Di loves to read. She reads three books a week. I think I read one in 2017 and hope to finish one in 2018!


We are looking for something to occupy our afternoon. For sure we will visit the Performing Arts display. That may take 40 minutes. Have you seen a good movie?





10/02/18 Tuesday 6:15 AM.


I took my PC to the Computer Club. We updated windows defender. Rebooting the PC has helped the speed.


While I go to Dr. GP, Di will exercise at Lava. We should complete our visits at the same time. We will probably have lunch at the International restaurant.


We will meet Mr. Landscape early this AM. Di has a plan to alter the front yard. Several different plantings will replace the low pine bushes. This project will take weeks to finish. This is project is up to Diane!





10/01/18 Monday 7:00 AM.


It was no surprise, USA lost the Ryder Cup competition. We watched every bit of the T. Oh well, next time it will be played in the USA.


The Browns lost to Oakland. It was a close game. No doubt about it, the Browns are competitive.


I just baked four loaves of bread. Di has a Mahjong game with three friends. She asked me last night if I would bake bread for them. I will find one of my friends for the fourth loaf!





9/30/18 Sunday 8:00 AM.


We have not looked at the stats for the Ryder Cup. We recorded the event and will watch it this AM. We watched OSU struggle and beat Penn State. The Buckeyes seemed off their normal stride. Frankly, they were lucky to win.



Mr. Rainman visited yesterday AM. The Puddle Meter is small. We may have a shower in the evening. Temp 84. At least high temp will be in the low 80s. This has been the hottest summer that I can remember. We have not seen a hi of 79 since spring!