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Front wall repaired!


4/25/19 Thursday 7:00 AM.


The front wall was repaired by 3 PM Wednesday.


I will take Di to her "eye lash gal" at 8:45 AM. She will soon be smiling and flickering her eyes!


I am short on time! Gotta run!.




4/24/19 Wednesday 6:30 AM.


The front/side walls are bright white. The men will return today to apply another coat. The final coat will match the other walls. It should be finished by Friday.


We had a delightful visit with Luke. He always makes a point of seeing us before returning to Charlotte. Of course, Di gave him 30 cookies. That is his reward for stopping by.


We sat outside for both lunch and dinner. The temp was 76, slight breeze and we found shade under an umbrella. It is our paradise.


We signed on for a trip to Nashville. 26 local friends will ride a bus to Nashville. Four days later we head for home. More about that in June.





4/23/19 Tuesday 6:30 AM.


Finally, the contractor will repair the walls in the front and side. The process will take three days to complete. I will take a few pics as the process starts and completes.


I will move our cars to the area south of our driveway.


I attended an autopsy of a PC yesterday at the HHICC. As the instructor opened his PC, he took it apart, piece by piece. 90 minutes later, he had disassembled his PC. I hope it didn't take 90 minutes to reassemble the PC.


I will install a bicycle phone device this AM. It safely holds my phone and will measure the distance, time and speed of a bicycle trip. I love projects. Hope this device does the trick! Dave, thanks for recommending the device.





4/22/19 Monday 6:30 AM.


The PGA HHI trophy went to C. T. PAN. The American PGA men did not play well. They sure learned the objective to playing well was to hit the ball straight. Most of the time they were in the trees! The wind was blowing strong.


We joined Dee and Elaine for pasta. I will NOT get on the scale today!


We are glad to have our island back to normal. Di will head to a Mahjong event; I will attend a meeting at HHICC.


My hands are cramping. Am I holding my bicycle grips too tight? A pal told me to buy larger grips. I wonder if Amazon sells them?





4/20/19 Sunday 8:00 AM.


The PGA event is back on track. Weather here was the reason for the delay. The final round TV coverage will begin at 3 PM. Dustin Johnson is in the lead by one stroke!


We have been invited to dinner tonight. Bring a loaf of Daley Bread please. I am not sure whether they invited Daley Bread and then us?!


We did get out of the house yesterday for lunch. We feel penned in by crowds of golf fans.


We live a ho-hum life when the PGA is here.


Mr. Sun will be shining brightly. A grand weather day for golf and a long bike ride!





4/20/19 Saturday 7:30 AM.


We stayed inside most of Good Friday. The storm passed around 2:40 PM. I tried to capture the storm. I will post a pic after typing this message.


The PGA event was stopped. Many pros sought shelter with homeowners. Several family members tried to reach us VIA phone. It was out of kilter until 10 PM. Our cell phones worked fine.


My timer just went BINGO! I must finish two loaves of Daley bread. Gotta run!





4/19/19 Friday 7:00 AM.


Thanks to Zack (golfer) and Brett (caddie), they provided our local family with tickets for the PGA RBC Heritage event. Zack is -2 after his first 18 holes. Weather is the concern for the day! Winds and rain will arrive in the early afternoon. Golfers will tee of on #1 and #10. The storm may delay some of the golfers from playing 18 holes.


We have secured porch umbrellas and furniture cushions. 40 mile an hour winds will be the challenge. When will it start? At some point this afternoon, wind will cause the round to cease.


We have not one item on our to-do list. And with high winds, we will likely be without TV and electricity and access to the internet. Di will be reading. I'll be looking out a window praying the storm will not cause damage to our abode!





4/18/19 Thursday 6:30 AM.


I will meet Jim for breakfast. He is bringing a couple tickets to the HHI PGA event.


Mr. Weatherman is bringing a great day to walk the course and watch your favorite golfer. The size of the crowds at the HHI event will NOT come close to the Masters. That means you won't be isolated in a chair on ONE hole the entire day. This event is fantastic for fans. One can start on #1 and walk with your favorite golfer for 16 holes, #17 and 18 will be jammed. At the end of the T, many will head to Harbortown, catch a bus and ride to the parking lot. We will stay home and watch the TV coverage. That is far better for us old folks than walking and sitting on backless bleachers.


I will join Jim at breakfast this morning. I wonder how long it will take me to return home?


Mr. Packet just arrived. I want to see the tee times.





4/17/19 Wednesday 7:30 AM.


I need a CPA to stop by and find my error. I have spent nearly an hour trying to balance my check book. I must be missing something for the figures are not in balance! AAARRRRGGGGGG!


Mr. Packet is on the drive. Time has sped by! Di has risen! Where is the paper? So much for the blog.


Yesterday I went to the computer club and now have tablet, phone and PC synchronized!


Ok, I'll fetch the paper!!





4/16/19 Tuesday 7:00 AM.


Our temps will be in the mid 70's for the week. Mr. Rainman will likely appear one day during the PGA T. I remember wearing layers of clothes to stay warm. Mother Earth is warming up! Our temp is for +70 degrees everyday of the event. But...Mr. Rainman is 70% likely Saturday.


We watched two hours of American Idol. The cut was made and there 10 contestants remaining.


Ken, I sure enjoyed our chat. Remember, we are home nearly every day at 4 PM.





We are still waiting for the contractor to set a date for the front and side wals. It is no big deal to anyone but me. I just want things fixed yesterday!


We have many requests for tickets to the HHI PGA event. Getting tickets to those that want them is a part of the issue. They live outside Sea Pines Plantation. The parking is to a remote location not in our Plantation. Delivery of the tickets is complex.





4/15/19 Sunday 7:00 AM.


Yea Tiger! Congratulations on another Masters green jacket!


I will meet Dr. DDS at 8:30 AM. I may have a tooth removed. One X-ray will determine the issue.


I am in a bit of a hurry to leave the house by 8 AM.





4/14/19 Sunday 7:00 AM.


I rode my bike for 3 miles. My left index finger is sore. What the heck is with that? Good grief, I injury a finger while riding a bike! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGG!


I turned on the Golf Channel. Same old forecast. Mr. Rainman is on his way. They will be lucky to finish the round.


I am struggling to shed off 7 pounds. We ate three large meals a day on our trip. Weight sure goes on faster than it comes off!


Will Tiger win? We are rooting for him. Go USA!





4/13/19 Saturday 7:00 AM.


Zack Johnson is among the +3 finishers. He is on the cut-line. We are wishing him a better round today.


Jim and Kate joined us to watch the ending of the second round. Then it was Daley Pizza time! Yum,yum! Then the gals whooped our behinds playing games.


The problem with my Internet connection took a minute to fix. Brad, all I had to do was disconnect the Netgear device. After 60 seconds, I reattached it. Bingo! I was online again!


Fore sure we will be in front of our TV most of the day. The Masters it will be!