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Tuesday 7/7/2020


Today will be an inside day. Rain is predicted for the rest of the week. We will stay close to home.


It took a good night sleep for my back to adjust to the session I had from Dr. Jeffers. I feel fantastic this AM!


I will send four images to Rick. Mr. Canon has the four images. I must transfer images from Mr. Canon to my PC, then to Rick. Sounds easy but I have not transferred images from my camera in several years. Oh well, I have plenty of time. Hope you are having a great day!





Monday 7/6/2020


Th PGA tournament was exciting. Bryson DeChamboau was the winner. Trust me, he will finish in the top five of most PGA events!


We will both see Dr. Jeffers for an adjustment. My back is not as good as it should be. I'll be feeling far better soon!


The very first thing we do is put on a mask. We will leave here in one hour.





Sunday 7/5/2020


Mr. Packet is thick this AM. There is not much to anticipate. For sure they will devote some coverage to the throng of visitors.


Our weather will be the same as yesterday, hot and sunny. We may take an early morning walk. It gets too hot to walk in the PM.


Avoiding the C-virus is our goal. Best way is sitting in front of the TV. We will be watching the PGA Tournament. Matthew Wolff age 21, is leading the PGA event. Hope he wins the trophy!





Saturday 7/4/2020


Tide Point is on "Lock Down". No visitors are allowed, and we are cautioned NOT to leave the community. Di has agreed to a long walk before breakfast. We will watch TV today for sure. Tide Pointe has cautioned all residents that the planned activities to honor the 4th of July are cancelled. HHI has had a surge in C-virus cases. It is all about visitors NOT taking caution. In fact, one group of visitors are planning a gathering on the beach. All will donate $$ to create a large $$ pot. Winners will be the losers. Ten days from the 4th of July, those that catch the C-virus will split the pot!


We decided to take our walk soon. Temp is 85 now. Soon it will soar into the 90's!


If you have a dull day going, give us a call 843-422-0630.





Thursday 7/2/2020


We have been idle. No travel yesterday or today.


Di chose a puzzle that looked like fun to assemble. After three days we decided to scrap that puzzle! I'm on way to down grade to a 200 piece with NO BLUE SKY or Green Grass!!


Will and Jane, Sharon glad you folks visited my site.





Wednesday 7/1/2020


How time does fly! It seems like yesterday when we sold 154 N Sea Pines. All is running smoothly now. Our days are spent locked up in our home. We are asked to wear a mask if we take a stroll. So far, not a resident or staff member has tested C-virus positive.


We are tired of the routine. Those over 80 have no chance to beat the C-virus. Avoidance is our only hope!


If you have a dull day going, give us a call 843-422-0630. We would love to catch up on how y'all are doing!


Roger is in Boston. We miss him!