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The red has been changed to plaid! This is in honor of the 50th HHI Harbor Town PGA event.


Saturday 2/24/18 8:30 AM


Kris arrived from Atlanta at 7:30 PM last night. We plan on going to Mark's to continue packing. He has a larger rental space for Mr. Squeegee equipment. We will take garage items there.












Horseback ride






Harbor Town




Nice sunny day




Sea Pines Plantation - Harbor Town!


Friday 2/23/18 6:30 AM


Don was released from Tide Point yesterday. Hooray!!


As one recovers, another is challenged. Angie, our prayers will continue for your Dad. Please keep us posted.


We played 9 holes for the first time in many months yesterday! My back is feeling great this AM.


The cause of my back pain is cured! No more PT. When I sit I must keep my thighs parallel to the floor. Two pillows are necessary in the TV barrel chair, one does it in the office. It amazes me that I learned that by myself. I feel so good this AM, I may start riding my bike again! I’ll be smiling the entire loop around the Island!





Thursday 2/22/18 7:30 AM


I have yet to review my images taken yesterday. I have a good replacement for the Lighthouse.


At 10:30 AM I will tee off to play nine holes. It has been months since I have played. My expectations are low. I just would like to finish without a back ache. I completed my exercise and will do more stretching before I leave.


Sharon, TX is not warm? We are sunny and 75!





Wednesday 2/21/18 7:30 AM



We tried to play nine holes but Mr. Rainman interrupted our round. Instead, we stopped to see Don. He will be dismissed and head for HOME on Thursday! He had a serious heart operation in October, FIVE months later, he will return HOME! Halleluiah!!!!!


I will join a fellow CCHHI member for a camera shoot this afternoon. I love birds but lack the lens that would bring justice to a wren from 50 yards away. I’ll take my macro lens and hope to find some closeup photo op’s.


One of the recent posted photos must be replaced. The top of the image is truncated. My last image today will correct that issue!





Tuesday 2/20/18 6:30 AM



It’s IRS time. Just loaded the latest version of “turbotax”. I have all the info and will spend several hours each day adding details. I am a month early. I do have all but one K-1. I like adding details a little at a time. It makes the process fun rather than a laborious 10 hour task.


I took a trip around Harbor Town. 3 PM is not a great time of day. The sun was brutal! I’ll post a few pics later today.


I met with Dr. PT and have a complete exercise plan. They will take 30 minutes a day. And they ought to keep me from a need of Dr. PT!





Monday 2/19/18 6:30 AM



We spent three hours helping Mark relocate. We hung the large mirror and quit for the day. We went to lunch @ 1:00 PM.


I have my last PT session @ 10:30 AM. My goal is to get a progressive exercise list. It matters what order I perform the exercises!


Today I’ll begin completing my 2017 IRS forms. I may just complete the software and skip the CPA. Perhaps I can visit Ken in April and have him review the submission.





Sunday 2/18/18 6:30 AM



We joined Mark and Jordan at Mark’s. After a few hours work, we had moved furniture and hung lots of pictures in Marks new apartment. Two large pictures need a long level. I’ll take ours over to the apartment at 10 AM. We’ll make another run from the old location to the new.


The extreme cold this winter has killed most flora. Di's garden and hanging baskets will need to be replaced.


I tried to balance my check book using Quicken. The software failed! I’ll have to reopen a backup version and give it a try again!


Di chose a new 8’ X 10’ rug for the upper deck. When we got home, sure enough we picked an INSIDE rug! I guess it was in the wrong place. We’ll return it and buy the correct outside rug this afternoon.


Brian Daley sent us a selfie with he and Tom Pernice. Brian walked the entire Sr. PGA event in southern FL. It has been many years since we have seen Tom.





Saturday 2/17/18 6:30 AM



The pool faucet sprung a leak. I have tightened the fixture and it still leaks. Most likely the cause is a faulty washer.


I will meet once more with Dr. PT on Monday. I’ll leave with an exercise program. I have learned the hard way, it matters a LOT in the ORDER exercises are performed!


We will meet Mark at his new condo @ 10 AM this morning. Di promised to arrange his furniture and hang pictures for him.


We will play 9 holes in the afternoon. Temp will hit 80! I hope I don’t take 80 strokes for 9 holes!





Wednesday 2/16/18 6:30 AM



Finally we will see 74 and Mr. Sun will be smiling all day. It’s time to wash the cars!


My back is fine again. The latest exercises are working.


My brain is not working! Mr. Rainman visited three days in a row. I needed to lower the pool water 2 inches. Di came out on the upper deck and asked me to move a pot in the garden. After moving it from one place to another, then another, and then another, I forgot I was draining the pool! Two hours later It dawned on me! I had not turned the pool drain cycle off. AAARRRRRGGGGGGGG!! I fear the next water bill will higher than the heat bill in Dec!


I have PT early this morning. Di will play Mahjong. She wins most of the time. Now don’t get the wrong idea. They play for $.25 a game. Over the span of a year, Di wins far more than she risks! It pays for a movie and popcorn for sure!





Wednesday 2/15/18 6:30 AM


On Monday I overextended doing exercises. Yesterday my right knee, the one I had a total replacement, was not happy. In fact, it hurt! After 30 min of routine moves, Dr. PT wrapped my right knee with tape and sent me home! The former exercise was to sit on a wood chair. Then get up 15 times, pause a do another 15, pause and do another 15. Now, I must get up, walk to the front door, return & sit after every commercial! Try that for an evening and tell me how you did!


Jordan Pfeil came by yesterday afternoon. Life as a fireman is 24 hrs. one day, wait two days and work another 24 hours. He must know the names of every street on the island. Many are very short streets. There are more street names on HHI than in some major cities.


We will visit the Performing Art Center after lunch. We try to visit every month. The entire inventory of paintings, photographs, jewlery, glass and metal objects change each month.


I sure hope Mr. Weatherman is right. Sunshine and 70 is on its way! Perhaps we’ll take the cars in for a wash!





Wednesday 2/14/18 7:30 AM


As you might guess, I have been at the PC for a couple hours already. It was time to make a Valentine card for Di, BDay cards for Bern and Luke. I love to make them. I look at photos taken in the past year. If I can’t find a current one, I look for an older photo. I have family pics dating to 2000.


I updated my current glasses and have skipped the cataract operation until later. It may be another year or so before I have an operation inserting new lenses.


Di will play Mahjong at noon. I’ll head to PT at 11 AM. We may find time in the afternoon to watch a movie.


Our weather is warming up. It may hit 70 later this week. I am ready! Di will be acquiring flowers. Nearly every plant we had has withered up and died! The floral bill this year will be double last years $$$$!





Tuesday 2/13/18 7:30 AM


Second opinion, Dr. Eye suggests waiting longer before having catarac surgery. The vast majority need cataract surgery before turning 70. Dr. Eye, second opinion, said another set of glasses may take me to age 80 before surgery will be necessary.


Since I left with eyes dilated, I delayed stopping at Sam’s. Di wants to go this AM. Guess we will head that way for lunch and groceries.


Dr. PT placed Blue Tape on my back. She said it will stay in place even after my AM showers today and Wednesday. If the tape adheres that tightly, you may hear a scream when it is removed Wednesday AM! It is the same type of tape I see pro-football player wear.




Monday 2/12/18 7:30 AM


Off to Dr. Eyeman! I assume it will take an hour to assess what he will recommend. I am in pursuit of new lenses but not a lens that would correct focus. I’ll wear glasses to correct minor vision focus.


On the way back I’ll stop Sam’s and buy 100 lbs of flour. Di and her cookie baking and my Daley bread, we have used 100 lbs of flour since Christmas!


I delivered cookies and Daley bread to Don Sunday. We left the building and went to the West patio. Tide Point has a patio and chairs there. We sat outside for 20 minutes and watched boats pass by. A change of scenery is a good thing for folks penned up inside.




Sunday 2/11/18 7:30 AM


I stopped at Publix, Walgreen's and Harris Teeter. I dislike the All-in-one stores. Publix is a FOOD store. It is small and they always are restocking products. Therefore, it is easy to find a clerk to ask, where is the Karo syrup? Drug prices are lowest at Walgreens. Harris Teeter has the best drug service for prescriptions. Their druggists are very service minded - friendly, gracious and helpful. They are not afraid to leave behind the counter and help find the right box of Band-Aids!


My back is feeling great this AM!


I took Don on a long walk. He would have rather liked to walk but must stay in a wheelchair.


Di wants to take a walk on the beach. We’ll wait for low tide. The beach is level, flat then. If it is high tide, the slant of the beach will cause my vertebrae to move out of alignment.