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Toulon, France



11/24/17 Friday 3:40 PM (3 hours ahead of HHI)


I added a couple more pics at the bottom of the up-load.















At peace



Most impressing streets - paved with stone, I wonder if they are slippery when wet?!



One of many bldgs in Toulon, France



At Peace



Jane and Will



Rich and Di



THe boys were playing with sledge hammers. The hammers looked like they would cause serious injury...NOT!



Typical window advertising a specail shop.



Yum, yum!



Di and Jane



Euros were more valuable then $1 = Eu .80



Di - Jane and Will



At PeaceWill and Rich



Taken from the deck of Riviera



Taken from the Riviera, Toulon bay



Taken from the Riviera, Toulon bay



Taken from the Riviera, Toulon bay


Last night we dined at the Italian restaurant. We all ordered a 6-oz. filet. Nary one among us could finish it! Of course, 6 course meals are way too much food. By the time I got the first taste of the filet, I was already full!






11/23/17 Thanksgiving Day 2:00 PM (3 hours ahead of HHI)


We will be at sea for 4 days before we reach islands in the Caribbean. The weather has been unusual. One minute it is clear, then it rains. Di was catching some rays and by the time she came in, took a shower, the sun was beaming.


Thanks to Sharon, she made an appointment for me to see a dermatologist on 12/4, I had a strange mole on my neck before leaving for the trip. It is not reacting to antibiotic. She and Mike (my friend) set up an appointment at 10 AM on Monday 12/4. We are in good spirits and have enjoyed the trip so far!