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Sharon trimming Live Oak branches!


9/21/17 Thursday 6:30 AM


Sharon arrived on time in Dallas. I finished painting the railing section on the upper deck. In late fall, after we move all the furniture to winter storage, I値l paint the deck fence. Sharon, I値l also add a coat of deck preservative as you suggested.


Mr. Handyman will arrive at 11 AM. He will repair the wood on the lower trim of the garage door. Sharon, thanks for the tip. It takes the eye of a good realtor to spot issues that would stop a sale!


I値l wait to see how Roger is doing this AM. If he is up and feeling able to pick Kelly up at at SAV, I値l bake four loaves of bread for the folks that we値l join at Trivia Night!


Sharon, the patio door is fixed. I guess it took a bit longer for the glue to set.


Mr. Packet just arrived!






9/20/17 Wednesday 6:30 AM


Sharon painted the entire fence from pool level to the upper deck! She and Roger put a new screen in the sliding door to the deck. We will solve the door handle at Lowe's today.


Time passes so fast. I wish Sharon had a week to stay for she sees things that need attention. Better yet, she fixes them!


I値l be whimpering at 10:30 AM as she boards her plane to ATL, DFW.


Thankfully, Roger is here. He broke his left wrist while riding a bike in Massachusetts. I am counting on him to tell me how to fix the screen door. Roger has extensive knowledge and experience in construction. I have not a clue what needs to be done to the latch.


Kelly will arrive tomorrow Afternoon. Roger will pick her up at SAV. Di and I are committed to Trivia Night at SPCC. I enjoy the event every month, yet I don稚 contribute many answers! I値l take four loaves of Daley bread for the others at our table.


Dede and Elaine served lasagna. It was fabulous! We had a most enjoyable evening. They have been remodeling their home for three years! Dede is anxious to add a swimming pool!






9/19/17 Tuesday 7:00 AM


The top of the railings needed a coat of paint. The gallon of paint I had was not the right color. We went back to Sherwin Williams, and graciously they added a dash of brown and adjusted the color too perfect! While Di and I picked up Roger @ 3 PM, Sharon painted the railing. It is not a small task for the railing winds from the top deck and circles the pool.


We have a dinner invitation at Dede and Elaine痴 tonight. I値l bake a loaf of bread for sure! Dede has renovated their home. I wonder what they have done since we last visited.


Mr. Packet just arrived. I値l copy the crossword puzzle and see if we can solve it! Mondays kicked our butt!






9/18/17 Monday 7:00 AM


Sharon likes activity. First on the to-do list was carrying six swivel chairs from the garage to the pool deck. Next, she trimmed three bushes near the bird bath. Then she trimmed ivy around the pool fence. Two hours later it was lunch time.


Di made chicken salad for lunch. It is one of Sharon痴 favorites! Shortly after lunch, we tackled bush and tree trimming in the front of the house. The bushes were easy but the tree trimming was a tall project. Sharon used a 10 ladder. I held the ladder steady while Sharon climbed to the top and trimmed the Live Oak limbs. Now when you pass by, the OSU banner is in view!


Bern, Mike, Liam, Dee, Elaine, Jane and Katie joined in the party at 5 PM. Pulled pork sandwiches were mighty tasty! Bern was a one person clean up-machine!


Roger will arrive at 3:58 PM at SAV today. He fell while riding a bike and broke his left wrist. We should be home by 5 PM.






9/17/17 Sunday 7:30 AM


Sharon's plane arrived on time. We were home by 3 PM. I baked pizza for dinner. One of my favorite activities is baking pizza. The gals added a few toppings. It was out of the oven at 7 PM. Yum, yum!


Sharon and I have a few tasks to do today. First will be bring out the swivel chairs from the garage. Eight pots/hanging baskets will be placed to their former positions. Trimming some of the bushes will be the last step.


Roger will arrive on Monday afternoon. I'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon. Kelly will arrive on Thursday. She got a great price for a trip from Canton. Kris may drive over from ATL. It's "Party Time" on HHI!






9/16/17 Saturday 7:0 0 AM


Sharon arrives at 2 PM today. She loves projects. Although we are nearly recovered, there is plenty to do. Six chairs remain in the garage. They swivel, are made of metal and weigh a bit more than a bulldozer! They are awkward to carry and barely fit through the door. That project is the most challenging.


Tomorrow we will celebrate with our local family. Pulled pork barbecue will be featured. Others are bringing salad and desert.


Roger is flying in from Boston on Monday. He has been enjoying friends in Boston for a few weeks.


Kathy and Mark arrived in FL without delays. Electricity is the major challenge. The rental made it through Irma with minor issues.