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Will, Rich, Diane and Jane. Thanks for the invite to PS, CA in March!


8/20/18 Tuesday 7:30 AM.


I will see Mr. X-ray at 7:30 AM. My back is unhappy. First step is to determine why it hurts. Iíll be in rest mode regardless since cataract surgery is scheduled for Thursday.


Roger is scheduled to arrive at SAV at noon today. He has promised to add a closet in the laundry room. I hope he can install the porch light. He and Sharon always have projects they want to do. Neither like sitting like us old folks!


We will have family gathering on Sunday. Kathy may fly up from FL. Kris is driving over from ATL.


Mr. Packet just arrived. Iíll be doing the Sudoku while I waiting for my x-ray!





8/20/18 Monday 6:30 AM.


Snedeker won the PGA Wyndham event. Weather delays motivated us to watch other programs. Iím sure a lot of folks turned to another channel like we did.


I see Dr. Chiro at 8:15 AM. Sitting must be the cause of my aching back. Yesterday, I wondered if I would be able to swing a club. My plan was to chip and putt. When I hit a few practice balls I never felt the slightest pain. After 9 holes NADA! This morinig pain is back! AAAARRRRRGGGGGG!


We plan on having lunch with the Toddís. They are members at Berekely Hall. We used to play golf with them. We have a lot of catching up to do!


Di baked a batch of cookies. Weíll stop by the Jonesí and return two plastic containers. They sent them over filled with goodies. Di filled them with cookies! One deed is countered by another!


The big news is Ken and Amanda will be married in Paris, France! Our health is a huge issue. Weíd love to go but both Di and I have issues.





8/19/18 Sunday 1:30 PM.


I had a difficult time posting the message. Fixed it! We attended the Crazy Rich Man movie. A bit wacky is my rating. We enjoyed the movie. At least we escaped the heat! Temp 93, hardly a breeze sure motivated us to escape to a cool place.


My back hurts. I am signed up for golf at 9 AM. We should be finish by 11 AM. Last time the guys went in for lunch at 11 AM. I may join them for a beverage but will come home for lunch.


I tried to install another light on the back porch. I need help! Maybe Roger will be able to install it!


Mike, Luke and Liam joined us for Daley Pizza. 15 slices were devoured in 15 minutes! Luke has been baking ďDaley BreadĒ. His pals love it! He learned how to make pizza. Iíll look forward to hearing about his first pizza party.





8/18/18 Saturday 6:30 AM.


My back is aching this AM. Guess Iíll have to have an x-ray before I visit Dr. PT. Makes sense to see what the cause may be. Iíll sure be resting a lot. Eye surgery will require minimum movement for a few days.


I watched Mr. Fixit install one of the lights on the back deck. I hope I can install the other five. The two on the back deck will be easy for I do not need a ladder. The four above garage doors will require a ladder. AAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!


Roger will arrive on Tuesday. He plans to modify our laundry room. Heíll remove the sink and install a closet in the empty space. We have not used the sink in the laundry room once in 18 years. The water is turned OFF and Di uses the sink to store stuff.


Brent Snedeker shot 59 on his first round! We may be watching NFL practice games. Di did hint to see a movie. Iím no dummy, weíll do whatever she likes!





8/17/18 Friday 7:30 AM.


Iíll see Dr. Chiro at 8:15 AM. My back aches. I start every day with a set of exercises. They have kept me feeling well until a week ago. Each day, it aches a little bit more. If I am not feeling much better Monday, Iíll see Alice at PT. She will have the answer.


Trivia night was loads of fun. I must admit I am not good at recalling stuff. Each of the couples at our table received a loaf of Daley Bread. That was my contribution!


The PM is NADA. We would welcome Mr. Rainman.


Roy, we gave up on the crossword! And Mr. Sudoku kicked my butt! Yep, all of a sudden I noticed I had two 6ís in the same box! AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGG!





8/16/18 Thursday 6:30 AM.


I have decided to wait for Roger. Replacing the lights canít be as difficult I am making it. He is a talented remodeling contractor. He will also add a closet in the laundry room.


Sharon, the photos and clock look great! Glad you found a good place to hang them.


For a couple weeks, I have been experiencing a sharp pain in my mid-back. Dr. Chrio will get another chance to make it better Friday.


Next Thursday I will have a cataract operation on my right eye. I am already nervous just thinking about it! In 10 days after that, I'll have my left eye done.





8/15/18 Wednesday 7:30 AM.


We have outside lights that need replacement. Di chose the model and we bought three. We forgot the three by the garage. Iíll head back to Lowe's and buy more. I also need installation help. No project is as easy as they appear. The structure to attach the light to the old socket is quite different. Iíll seek installation help as well!


Sharon, the box of flowers you choose looks fantastic. Iíll try to find time to take a pic later today.


Thanks Will and Jane! We would love to visit you in March. Palm Springs it will be! Is Jane playing golf these days?





8/14/18 Tuesday 6:30 AM.


We are heading to Dr. GP for annual blood tests. As usual, no food until after the test. McDís has a wonderful large breakfast. Eggs, pancakes and sausage it will be!


Kris called, she arrived safely in Suwanee in five hours. She will return in a week to join Roger (heíll be here for a few weeks).


Mr. Landscape finished leveling the area in the front. I need to add caulking to the board above the vine. Then we will be ready for Mr. Rainman! I am sure hoping NO water will seep into the garage!





8/13/18 Monday 6:30 AM.


Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship! Tiger is back! He finished in 2nd place.


I baked pizza for dinner. Dede, Mike and Kris said it was the best pizza ever!


Kris will head for ATL around 10 AM.


Mr. Packet just arrived.





8/12/18 Sunday 7:00 AM.


I'll continue to set the perimeter low point this AM. I'll send pics to Mr. Landscape this afternoon. His crew will level the area Monday. We are hoping leveling will prevent rain water from entering the garage.


Most of yesterday just sped by. We did go out for lunch at Dock Side. Their burgers are huge. Di and I split one and were stuffed!


The PGA Championship is exciting. For sure I will be in front of the TV by 3 PM!


Mike and Kris met friends for diner last night. Daley Pizza Night will be this evening! Kris will drive to Suwanee, GA tomorrow AM. Time flies fast when you are having fun!





8/11/18 Saturday 7:10 AM.


Mr. Gutterman will install new gutters in a few months. It is one final piece to eliminate the rain water issue.


Kris arrived at 5 PM. It sure is fun to see family! I presume she and Di will head to the mall. They are deciding on where we will dine for lunch. I think Iíll be baking a pizza for dinner tonight.


The PGA Championship will be on the TV and I will be watching it this afternoon! No mall for me!


Mr. Rainman is likely this afternoon. I better get started early. Relocating the soil is no problem. I have a large area on the south side of our property to spread a few wheelbarrows of dirt!





8/10/18 Friday 7:15 AM.


Today will be busy with contractors. Iíll get a replacement quote on the long gutter over the garages. My guess is $1500.


I'll meet with the GC handing the carpentry. For sure one large board, under the dining room window, will need replacement. It is time to get the items on a time sheet, i.e. when they will be started.


The PGA Championship has begun. We watched the opening at various times in the PM. Iíll bet the course will be more difficult today. Pin placements are vital and so is the firmness of the greens. Drying the greens would make them faster!


I may hit some golf balls this afternoon. This day will soon begin for I see Mr. Packet is in the drive. Weíll hope to complete the crossword.




I committed to replace the gutters. Managing the rain water is key. The present system is not doing its job!





8/09/18 Thursday 6:30 AM.


I visited Dr. Eye and set the operation for my right eye. 8/23 the first will be performed. I know there is risk in all operations. I am a bit skittish.


I began leveling the area between the front steps. The job will take another two days to complete. I filled the wheelbarrow with dirt three times and dumped it on our properties edge. Iíll take three more loads off the area today. Friday another three loads. I predict the area will be level by Saturday.


The PGA Championship begins today. Guess where we will be!


I finished "Americas First Daughter". I am ready for a new read. I would appreciate your recommendation!





8/08/18 Wednesday 7:00 AM.


I start today with Dr. Eye. This is a pre-op meeting. The first surgery will be on 8/23. The second surgery is set for 9/6.


When I return, Iíll begin leveling the area in the front by the steps.


Mr. Rainman may shorten that project. Forecast is for showers at 2 PM.


I have 90 pages to finish reading "Americas First Daughter". Do you have a suggestion for my next read?