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Di's flora on the upper deck!


7/16/19 Tuesday 6:30 AM.


Yesterday passed by quickly. All the beds have new linens. The maids arrive today. We should be ready to welcome potential buyers before 1 PM!


The Daley's arrived in Ocala at 3:00 PM.


I hope to post a photo of the Daley Klan.


As you might guess, we have many tasks to address. We will purge the attic boxes. They are in the garage. Di will help decide what to keep and what to donate to charity.





7/15/19 Monday 6:30 AM.


What a whirl wind visit! Ken, Amanda, Ashlynn and Jordan arrived on Friday and will head to Jacksonville, FL at 8 AM. They expect to arrive in Ocala, FL in the early afternoon.


Kris will head to Atlanta around 10 AM. Soon our house will be quiet!


We took advantage of the folks. The attic is now empty. We will purge the "not needed" and head to the dump.


Last night was the last family party at 154 N Sea Pines. I am a bit sad this AM.





7/12/19 Friday 6:30 AM.


Ken called and postponed their arrival until today. Ken just sent a message, they are on their way!


Kris arrived at 3 PM. She watered Di's garden. Our heat index is over 100 degrees. Nary a breeze, just hot humid weather.


I just retrieved Mr. Packet. It is so thin it won't take long to scan the news. Mr. Sudoku awaits. Tennis will be on our TV this AM. Waiting is not something I do well.





7/11/19 Thursday 7:15 AM.


The Ken Daley's will arrive around 10 PM. They hope to leave Ocala by 4 PM. Our porch lights will be shining!


Mr. Rainman is on his way Fri and Saturday. Hope he arrives in the late afternoon. We are counting on unloading Christmas decorations from the attic to the garage. We will not move them to Tide Pointe until July 19th.


Bread will come out of the oven at 9 PM tonight. I wonder if folks will wait until breakfast for a slice of Daley Bread?





7/10/19 Wednesday 7:00 AM.


We had an early visit by a realtor. We left the house at 9:00 AM. It took every bit of time we had to ready our property for a possible buyer. We had compliments on the home, pool and gardens. We will hold our offer price.


Mr. Rainman is on his way. Thunder just rolled by. Mr. Packet is not in the drive. I sure hope it gets here before rain begins!


We celebrated Don's 80th Birthday at a new Italian restaurant!


Rats, thunder has turned into rain! Mr. Packet is not in the drive. I'll be taking an umbrella once the paper arrives!





7/09/19 Tuesday 7:30 AM.


We have an early AM showing. Hope they like our home!





7/08/19 Monday 7:00 AM.


Mathew Wolff Made a 20 foot putt to eagle the 18th hole and win the PGA event!


Monday will speed by. Di is playing Mahjong. I will head to Nationwide to add our new home in Tide Pointe.


Ken, Amanda and Ashlynn will join us for the weekend. I have a list of things to-do. Emptying the attic is the major item. All the Christmas decorations will come down. Perhaps the Daley's will take a few home!


Mr. Sun is hiding. Rain is likely the next few days.


Mr. Packet is in the drive.





7/07/19 Sunday 7:00 AM.


I seldom read novels. Di recommended "Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah. It was a fantastic read!


DeChambeau struggled all day. -1 for the day when others were shooting -9 and -7. There is a three-way tie for the lead! We will be watching the event for sure.


I trimmed the bushes on the left near the walking/riding path. I can easily see bikers/walkers now.


Stan and Cindy, what is the latest in FL?


Will and Jane, are your grandson's baseball games finished during the summer?





7/06/19 Saturday 7:00 AM.


We headed off the island at 11:00 AM. Bright sunshine, temp into the upper 90's. It was humid. Other than watering flowers, neither of us left the comfort of AC.


Bryson DeChambeau leads the PGA event. His swing is unusual. It is about time a deviation from the routine swing made it to the PGA. Bryson not only hits the ball far; he putts well also.


The visitors are here in droves. Bikers occupy the paths. I must trim the bushes on the left. I can't see the bikers fast enough. Getting across the bike path can be challenging!





7/05/19 Friday 7:00 AM.


We had a short storm pass by late yesterday. Not much rain fell for the PM is empty.


We watched fireworks from our deck and on TV. NYC sure spent a lot of $$.


We will head to Sam's at 10:30 AM. Di has a beauty treatment to attend close by. Our shopping list is short. At least we will get out of the house.


The PGA event will be on most of the afternoon. Mr. Rainman may visit. It is too humid to enjoy the cooler 89 degrees forecast.





7/04/19 Independence Day 7:00 AM.


Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states. Since we will likely have rain, our plan will be watching the TV coverage.


Not a sole came in for PC/iPad help yesterday afternoon.


Di has promised breakfast with eggs, bacon, Daley toast and hot coffee! Yum, yum!!.


After a little negotiation, Verizon found a way to lower our bill $25 a month. If you don't ask, you don't receive.


Have a great 4th!





7/03/19 Wednesday 7:15 AM.


Are you ready for the 4th of July celebration? Mr. Rainman may visit HHI. I'll wait and see tomorrow. I would like to take Mr. Canon. He does not like rain!


I am going to be solo at the HHICC this afternoon. Certainly the visitors will be few. I am taking a book to read!


I fetched Mr. Packet and it is thick. Bet it is all advertising! We will certainly attempt the crossword. I will solve the Sudoku.


I plan on visiting the local Verizon store. We are getting overcharged! What is your phone bill for your cell phone? Ours is close to $200 a month!


It will be a hot 93 Wednesday! Mr. Rainman is in the forecast the next 10 days!





7/02/19 Tuesday 7:15 AM.


This week, temps will be in the lower 90's. Mr. Rainman is due on Friday, temps will fall into the upper 80's.


We will close on our Tidepointe home 7/17. We will own two homes until 154 N. Sea Pines sells. Of course, Mr. Nervous is anxious to sell 154 N Sea Pines!


Years ago we bought special back braces. We are both wearing them for a few hours in the AM and PM. Mine really helps when I am in the office.


I will volunteer at the Computer Club today and tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM. Yesterday only 2 people came in. The HHICC will close from 7/4 to 7/ 8.


It's time to fetch MR. Packet!





7/01/19 Monday 6:30 AM. Six months to 2020!!


I went to Publix to pick up for 4 items. I reached in to fetch my money clip, found my Canon lens guard, took it out, placed it on the counter, paid the bill and left the guard on the counter. I did not notice the guard was NOT on my camera until this AM! AAARRRRRGGGGGGG! Guess where my first stop will this AM!


At 4 PM I looked at the thermometer 95 degrees! Who wants to take a steam bath? I rearranged the pillows on our porch and returned to watch the PGA event.


Di is hosting a brunch and Mahjong event with three friends at 10 AM. I will head to the HHICC and kill some time!





6/30/19 Sunday 6:30 AM.


The PM is gone! Temp is 74 rising to 89. Rain is not in the forecast for 5 days.


Birthday cards are my specialty. I love to find old pics I took 10+ years ago. The front page is of a current pic; inside pic is from years ago!


Dee has posted for-sale pics of our home in several area newspapers. Hope it finds a buyer!





6/29/19 Saturday 6:30 AM.


The PM is small. Mr. Rainman will sleep for 5 days. Temps will rise above 95 before rain is in the forecast. We will be pool side at 3 PM. That is when the shade arrives on the pool.


We may head to the theater today. We welcome a recommendation.


I captured a few pics of Nashville. I will find time today to post a few.





6/28/19 Friday 6:30 AM.


We dined with friends at a new restaurant last night. The food was wonderful and so was the waitress! Italian cuisine is their specialty.


We anticipated a visit from Mr. Rainman. When I arose, I could hear the rain pelt the windows. The PM is small.


Joe, glad you called on your new phone! It has been a long time since we caught up on the Canton News!





6/26/19 Thursday 6:30 AM.


The open house attracted 25 realtors. Dee will sort through the form she requested. Most rated the home superior. Six have a possible buyer. So, the search continues.


It was a long day for us. We left the house at 9 AM and arrived home at 5 PM. We were NOT to be home during that period.


We have a dinner engagement with three couples tonight. A new restaurant has opened, and folks are raving about their food. We will give it a try!





6/26/19 Wednesday 6:30 AM.


Today is a very important day. All area realtors are welcome to visit our home from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Our home is looking perfect!


Please pray with us that our home will sell soon!





6/24/19 Monday 6:30 AM.


Sharon and Steve were on their way at 5:35.AM. They are going to Atlanta. Steve will attend a seminar; Sharon will drive to the ATL airport and fly to Dallas. I am thankful for the many chores they did for us.


I will head to Glidden paint store. The new grouting around the spa needs a coat of paint.


Win will be here to fix the window in the MB at 11 AM.


I love a day with things to do!