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11/21/19 Thursday 6:45 AM.

Our temperature is a chilly 44 degrees. Mr. Sun should light the day soon and temp will rise to 60 by noon!


I completed my exercise routine. My typing skill is not good. My fingers are shaking! That makes typing DIFFICULT! My exercise routine is the cause!


Roger will arrive at HHI Airport at 10 AM. His project list is short. He has one electric issue on his TD List! Mr. Packet just arrived.







11/20/19 Wednesday 7:45 AM.



Di may be discharged today. We Kathy and I are ready to begin our day.


Mark and Kathy found a home to rent. Soon they will move to HHI. Katie is scheduled to have a baby!






11/17/19 Sunday 6:45 AM.


OSU put in their second string and continued to whoooop Rutgers 56-21!


Mark will head for home - Cape Coral FL. Kathy will remain here.


No Browns, they played Thursday night.





11/16/19 Saturday 6:15 AM.


We had another rainy day. It sure beats snow. After today, we should have plenty of sunshine and temps will rise into the low 60s.


Go Buckeyes! For sure we will be in front of the TV.


It will be a sad Saturday or Sunday when Kathy and Mark head for FL. They will make that decision after we are up and welcoming Football Saturday!





11/15/19 Friday 7:00 AM.


Rain began falling at 2 AM this morning. I will have to fetch Mr. Packet later.


We have a 9:30 AM meeting to attend. There is a discussion on adding another lane from Moss Creek to HHI.


I have loaded the car with more items. We will drop them off at Spruce Lane.





11/14/19 Thursday 7:00 AM.


Bbbuuurrrr! Temp fell to 48 degrees.


Yesterday flew by. Dr. gave me an A. Don't come back until mid-January!


I will head to the dump after meeting Jim for breakfast this AM. This AM will speed by!





11/12/19 Tuesday 7:30 AM.


Kathy and Mark arrived at 3:30 PM. They took over the care for Diane immediately. Di has improved to 70%.


Mr. Packet is in the drive. This day will coast along. Kathy is up and ready for the challenges of the Day!


I have a routine Dr. Appt at 8:30 AM.




11/11/ 19 Monday 6:30 AM

We had a busy Sunday. The weather is a bit nippy today. At least there is no snow or puddles!

Cleveland Browns won there 3rd game!

It doesn't make much of a difference, they will NOT be in contention for the Super Bowl!

11/10/19 Sunday 6:30 AM

I finally resurrected my old site. Dave, thanks for the help! This method is much easier for me!

Our family is wide and deep. Christmas Day over 20 will be here for the Christmas drawing. Each participant will bring a gift worth $100. The fun will begin at 5 PM with cocktails, dinner and the annual gift distribution. Folks will chose the package that looks appealing in size and wrapping. I must find shopping time.

I sure hope this posting fixes the posting!