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Bob, Bob and Goldennoodle.


Thursday 4/26/18 6:50 AM.


The surgery went as predicted, lots of pain yesterday. This morning it has lowered to discomfort. Sunday I’ll be able to swing a golf club!


We watched Cleveland Cavs play BB last night. As time ran out, LeBron made a 3 point winning basket! The Cavs are 3-2 to Indian. It was the most exciting BB game!









House on Woodbine



Night Heron.



Di's flower



Di's flowers!



Di's Flowers.



Di's Flowers.


Tuesday 4/24/18 6:30 AM.


I have three watches. They were NOT working I thought they needed new batteries. One has been my everyday watch. The local jewelry store replaces the batteries and that was my first stop as I headed to HHICC. Later in the day, I stopped to pick them up. Three for the price of two! One was a self-winding watch!


Mr. Rainman visited the entire day. At times the windshield wipers were unable to sweep away the rain. Of course, that spoiled our plans for golf.


The DQ parking lot was full. I called Di and suggested we eat at home. She agreed.


Thanks Cindy for your movie suggestions. Today will be SUNNY! The course will be too wet to play golf. Tomorrow at this time, I will be under a knife. Hope the surgeon has his best day ever!





Monday 4/23/18 7:30 AM.


The diagram for the light lens and power source were identical. Once I determined which one was for the lights, it was an easy fix. I replaced the old lights with new. Now the light is very BRIGHT! My bet is they did not blow at the same time, now I need to wear sunglasses to see what is on the shelves!


When I fetched Mr. Packet, Mr. Rainman was here. I just printed a copy of the crossword for Di. When she rises, we’ll tackle the puzzle together.


We had scheduled a golf match with 3 other couples. No way will we be able to play today. The PM is deep, rain is the forecast for the entire day.


Have you seen a movie lately? Di checked the schedule yesterday and groaned! I wonder what 8 people can do besides play golf or see a movie? SPCC is closed, ie no food or golf on Monday. Maybe we can meet at DQ for a hotdog?! Any movie recommendations are welcome!





Sunday 4/22/18 6:30 AM.


Our lights in the frig quit working. I can’t figure out how to take the lens off to replace the light bulbs. I went to Lowe's to seek advice on how to remove the lens cover. They were no help. The cost for a new frig is $2,000+. All I need is to replace a couple lights! I must find a solution. Mr. Handy man will get a call on Monday!


Yesterday, I read an article that scolded photographers for taking 6” width x 4” images all the time. Yesterday afternoon, I walked the Woodbine mile. I decided to take 6” height - 4” width. I’m interested in your opinion. Do you think vertical should be displayed more often than once every 18 years?





Saturday 4/21/18 8:00 PM.


I went out on the upper deck. Di’s gardens look wonderful. We have a cool start for the weekend. Temp is 62 rising to 68. Mr. Wind is active. Our umbrellas on the deck are in vertical position. The forecast is ugly for the next 4 days. Heavy rain is on its way.


We played 9 holes with the Guants yesterday afternoon. I seem to find hope after a good shot, then sink quickly to an ugly one. Roy, you may be right, the game is approaching a time when I might just hang up the clubs! Maybe if I find some other clubs I’d do better. Why pour more money into clubs? Perhaps hope is eternal!





Friday 4/20/18 9:00 AM.


Mr. Cleanupman disassembled the dinning table. Years ago I bought two extenders. Placed on top of the dining room table, they increase the dimension so 12 folks can sit at the table. Folks brought Hor d’oeuvres. We had an amazing time. All were invited to tell ”their story” of when and how they met their mates. Time flew by; before we new it we were in the kitchen cleaning up.


I dismantled the table and moved the large plywood sections under the queen bedroom bed. Not a thing is out of place! The party is over!





Thursday 4/19/18 7:00 AM.


I am running a bit behind schedule. Soon I’ll head to meet Jim for breakfast. As soon as I return I must bake 8 loaves of bread. Six are for dinner tonight. Each of the five couples will go home with memories and a loaf of Daley Bread. Another will be served along with Sharon’s Ribs. I’ll take one to Dr. Sack, the last one to Alice @ Lava.


. Later…



Wednesday 4/18/18 6:30 AM.


Mr. Weatherman will deliver a warm Wednesday. Mr. Rainman is warming up for a 4 day visit come Sunday. This spring has been crummy. Most often, April has great weather. Not this year! By the time May arrives it will be hot summer time! We won’t see 70 again until October.


I preregistered for my hernia operation yesterday. The process took about 45 minutes. I am set for the operation next Wednesday at 6 AM.


Di’s flowers are smiling! We are entertaining 5 couples tomorrow night. I’ll bake 8 loaves of Daley bread. We bought ribs from Sam’s yesterday. We’ll use Sharon’s recipe. Mr. Canon may take a few pics. The deck and gardens look fantastic. Better Homes and Gardens would not find a more appealing scene!





Tuesday 4/17/18 6:30 AM.


Roy and Rosy visited Ron and Joyce in Melbourne. Sadly, they found Ron had worsened substantially from their last visit. Alzheimer’s is a mean disease. Joyce is a Saint! The best nurse and loving wife she is!!


I admit I was emotionally spent after the call. I had to do something, so I took hold of Mr. Canon and headed towards South Beach. Three hours later I arrived home. On the walk I found several birds. I strolled with 2 golfers on #15. It is a par #3, 183 yds, straight towards the Atlantic Ocean. I walked beyond the green. Sure enough the scene changed from golf course to a view of the Atlantic Ocean. I headed home, walked the Woodbine Mile and arrived at home 2 ½ hours later. I lost my sense of how long I had strolled. I was a bit tired but had walked off the tension from the Ron’s news.





Monday 4/16/18 6:30 AM.


PGA HHI event was decided via playing three extra holes to determine the winner. Satoshi Kodairawon won on the third extra hole. He is from Japan.


Mr. Rainman arrived at 4 PM. Heavy rain fell for 2 hours before subsiding. Our pool needs to be drained a couple inches!


We will skip golf today. We will head to Sam’s instead. We are serving dinner to 10 friends on Thursday. Di has a long list of items we need. Might as well do that for golf plans are spoiled today. Who wands to play with Carts on Path. Sloopy or sloppy, call it what you want. I’ll wait for a better day to play golf!





Sunday 4/15/18 7:50 AM.


Mr. Rainman is on his way. The forecast for his arrival is 3 PM. Players will tee off at 7:30 AM in threesomes, half the field on #1 and the other half on #10. They hope to finish the T by 2:30 PM. It will be a race to finish before Mr. Rainman arrives! I assume the TV will run the delayed coverage for the time set aside for the event. In case you want to know who won, like make a large bet before TV coverage, I can tell you who won before TV coverage begins!


Roy and Rosie will arrive early June. We will head to OH in mid-June, Ken and family ??, Rick Daley family & Sharon late July – early August.


Bing! Mr. Timer just signaled it is time to take the Daley Bread out of the oven!