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6/22/18 Friday 6:30 AM.


Four new tires on the ’15 Lexus and a routine checkup this AM will end the maintenance updates. We’ll drive Di’s car to SAV in the AM. Her plane leaves at 9 AM for Cleveland. Kelly will pick her up. The funeral is planned for Monday AM.


I bought paint for the pool deck. Once the roof is complete, I’ll paint the pool deck. That will keep me busy most of Saturday/Sunday.


Our weather is now HOT! Looks like it will hit 90+ every day for a while. I am not telling friends that Di will be gone until Tuesday. I will enjoy being “Home Alone”!





6/21/18 Thursday 6:30 AM.


Di’s aunt Velma Rossetti passed away yesterday. It was her birthday. She reached exactly 95 years old. Diane will fly from SAV to Cleveland. Kelly will pick her up Saturday afternoon and drop her off on Tuesday.


I’ll take the ’15 Lexus for four new tires this AM. Tomorrow it will get a 30,000 mile checkup. Soon it will be in pristine condition!


I’ll have plenty of time to catch up on many projects once I am alone for 4 days.





6/20/18 Wednesday 6:30 AM.


Home at last! The roofers are a long way from finished! My guess is, they have another week before the job is complete. That means I’ll move our cars out of the garage and park them on the median grass. Lord knows how long it will take for the roof to be completed.


Our tip had its great points. They are dwarfed by the sad news. Mr. Age has no mercy. Three folks have significant issues. Di’s aunt is at heaven’s door. She turned 95 yesterday. She is in a coma. Di will return to Canton soon.


My schedule is jammed with tasks. We will try to stay away from the inside of the house for the roofers will be busy hammering on shingles! Both cars are on the median grass for the trucks are huge. I expect roofers to appear shortly.





6/17/18 Sunday 6:30 AM.


It is party time today! 12 relatives will assemble at 2 PM. Kelly ordered quite a spread for dinner.

  We will head for Columbus early tomorrow to visit with Rita and Buddy. We’ll meet the Daley clan in the late afternoon. Rick promised a video of Max and Vic climbing in the latest contest. We will rise on Tuesday early AM and head for HHI. Next post will be on Wednesday AM.





6/16/18 Saturday 7:50 AM.


I met Leslie McFarland at 8:45 AM. We chatted for 90 minutes. Her hobby is raising and showing dogs. The dogs are mighty lucky to have a keeper like Leslie! Her dogs often finish with “Blue Ribbons”! We reminisced about the old times she and her parents spent with us. Both mom and dad have passed. I am really glad we spent time together!


My next stop was the Lionetti’s. Sadly, Pat is in an advanced stage of dementia. Tony has his hands full! One only needs to see a little to understand how difficult it is for the caregiver. Tony deserves an “A” for his dedication to his wife.


I returned to Gulling's at 3 PM. My emotions were shot.





6/15/18 Friday 7:30 AM.


Alls is well. Off to Medina this AM. Next post Saturday,


Much Later…